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cockail sitting on a table in a seafood restaurant


Locally owned and nestled in the McCormick Ranch neighborhood of Scottsdale, we feature signature cocktails and an expertly selected wine list. On our menu you’ll find small bites and entrées where the classics meet inventive seafood-centric dishes. Our aim is simple: an elevated dining experience with top-notch service in a sophisticated yet relaxed setting.

sliced steak with fresh salsa and a side of fries
seafood dish in a white bowl with shrimp
old fashioned mized drink with ball shaped ice cube and lemon peel
oyster plate with vegatables on circle plat with a lemon in the middle
lavender colored cocktale with a slight charred lime slice floating



You won't find 'em anywhere else,

at least not like this.

cocktail in a clear glass with orange peal and sugar crystals
fresh oysters sitting on a layer of ice with lemon slices in the middle
view of the rockefeller bar from the dining area
high quality champaign bottle sitting in a bucket of ice table side


The drinks are cold and the vibes are high.

All that's missing is you and your crew.

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