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Spirit Spotlight: Frank August's Case Study 01 and Single Barrel

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Frank August's latest have arrived at Rockefeller. It was only right we try them for you and let you know what we think.

Frank August Whisky Bourbon Bottle

Frank August is a small batch distillery located in Kentucky. Minimalism and simplicity drive their brand identity, but maximalism is the name of their game when it comes to their quality and dedication to the dist

Distilled and bottled in Kentucky, their bourbon is only available for purchase in eight states.

Lucky for you (and us), Arizona is one of them.

So what can you expect from these two new additions to the Frank August family as well as our gold cage bar?

Case Study 01: Mizunara Japanese Oak Bourbon

  • Proof: 114.4

  • Quantity: 5 barrels

This is the first of future experiments with different finishing techniques.

This edition uses Mizunara casks, a Japanese oak. Their usage dates back to WWII when Japan lost access to imported casks, along with pretty much every other necessary import.

So they turned to their native oak tree to age their alcohol.

Fast forward to today, despite it being prone to leakage due to its porousness Mizunura is still a sought after material for making casks, for two reasons:

1. Rarity. The tree must be at least 200 years old before it can be used for casks.

2. Preference. Bourbon aged in Mizanura just hits different.

Rockefeller's thoughts

Nose: Butterscotch. Pepper.

Front: Warm. Spice. Smooth. Numbing almost. Szechuan peppercorn.

Finish: Tanic. Smooths out over time.

Hints of rye on my second smell, not so much on second taste.

Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

  • Proof: 123.0 - 125.0

  • Aged: 5.1 years

  • Quantity: 1 barrel (hence the name)

Not much to say about this one except that it's a collaboration from some of the greatest bourbon minds and most sophisticated palates in the industry.

Rockefeller's thoughts

Nose: Heavy vanilla and caramel. Smells like my kind of bourbon. I can smell the barrel, which is oak.

Front: Cinnamon big time. Spice forward, mellows out sweet and the rye comes in mid way.

Finish: Straight spice and berries. Phenomenal.

Enjoy either of these two stunners in a glass straight up over a large cube or one or two smaller cubes made from filtered water for clarity and taste.

Both bourbons above are incredibly high proof that do need a touch of dilution for easier enjoyment.

Sound like too much work? We don't blame you. Stop on by and we'll hook you right up.

We've got more than just an incredible bourbon section.

Join us for Happy Hour:

Monday: ALL Day

Tuesday - Sunday: 4PM – 6PM

Looking to fill your belly with something solid?

We hope to see you soon!


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