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The Ultimate Guacamole Experience at Rockefeller Scottsdale

Welcome to a culinary experience where the sea meets the land. At Rockefeller Scottsdale, our passion for fresh, high-quality ingredients takes center stage, and our elevated approach to traditional favorites invites you to explore flavors like never before.

Today, we dive into a dish that reflects this fusion: our signature guacamole, a blend of the finest avocados often paired with the freshest seafood, delivering an experience that's familiar and new. 

The Ultimate Guacamole Experience at Rockefeller Scottsdale

Check out our beer menu, where you can find an impressive selection of imported, domestic, and craft beers to pair perfectly with our signature guacamole! Can't decide? No problem! 

In addition to our fresh seafood and decent raw bar, Rockefeller is also known for our skilled and knowledgeable bar staff. Our experienced bartenders love pairing our beers to complement our guacamole. We often recommend our imported Modelo, domestic Coors, or craft Big Spill pilsner!

The Essence of Freshness

Our journey begins with the heart of any guacamole - the avocado. Our avocados are selected for their creamy texture and rich flavor, ensuring that each scoop is as luxurious as it is nutritious. But what sets our guacamole apart is the unexpected twist we love to infuse - a touch of the ocean's bounty.

A Seafood Symphony

Imagine the flavors of fresh seafood mingling with the creamy, buttery taste of ripe avocados. At Rockefeller Scottsdale, we bring guacamole to new heights by incorporating pieces of tender, succulent shrimp or crab, bringing a hint of the sea to this classic dish. Each bite is a delicious blend of land and sea, creating a comforting and exotic taste.

Seafood Guacamole at Rockefeller Scottsdale

Crafted to Perfection

Creating the perfect guacamole is an art, and our chef is the artist. With a careful balance of ingredients - from the tangy zest of fresh lime juice to the freshness of ripe tomatoes and cilantro - our guacamole is a wonder of flavors. 

But it's the addition of seafood that makes our guacamole a signature dish. Whether it's the rich texture of crab or the sweet, delicate taste of shrimp, each element complements the avocado's richness.

A Feast for the Senses

Serving our guacamole is a celebration of textures and tastes. Presented in a chilled steel bowl, each serving is a pop of color and freshness, inviting you to dive in.

Rockefeller Scottsdale's Signature Guacamole

Whether scooped up with our fresh, house-made tortilla chips or enjoyed as a companion to our seafood dishes, our guacamole offers a unique taste experience that delights the senses.

An Invitation to Explore

At Rockefeller Scottsdale, dining is about exploration and discovery. With its blend of fresh avocados, our guacamole is just the beginning of what we have to offer. It reflects our commitment to quality, our love for innovation, and our desire to bring you unforgettable dining experiences. 

So, we invite you to join us to taste, savor, and celebrate the incredible journey from sea to guacamole, where fresh ingredients and unforgettable tastes await.

Join us for Happy Hour:

Monday: ALL Day

Tuesday - Sunday: 4PM – 6PM


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