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Indulge in Rockefeller’s Oyster Bar: Welcome to $1 Oyster Sundays!

Welcome to the Rockefeller oyster bar, where we bring the delectable taste of the ocean straight to your plate! As seafood lovers, we at Rockefeller Scottsdale pride ourselves on serving only the freshest and most succulent oysters, hand-selected from the highest-quality fare from trusted seafood farms along the coast.

That being said, we'd like to introduce you to our $1 oyster Sundays, where you can indulge in our exquisite oysters without breaking the bank!

In this blog from Rockefeller Scottsdale, we'll highlight the Rockefeller oyster bar and $1 oyster Sundays. We'll also discuss our signature cocktails, menu, happy hour, and what you can expect from your elevated dining experience.

Indulge in Rockefeller’s Oyster Bar: Welcome to $1 Oyster Sundays!

Table of Contents:

  1. Let's Talk About Oysters

  2. $1 Oyster Sundays

  3. Come for The Oysters, Stay for The Hand-Crafted Cocktails

  4. Did Someone Say 'Happy Hour?'

  5. A Carefully Curated Menu

  6. Elevated Dining for Everyone

  7. Conclusion

Let's Talk About Oysters

At Rockefeller, we're known for several things, but your specialty? Oysters.

We have a comprehensive variety of oysters that will satisfy your cravings. Whether you're a fan of East Coast oysters or prefer the delicate flavor of Kumamoto oysters, you can try them all in one place.

There's no better way to experience the taste of the sea than by indulging in the freshness of our oysters at Rockefeller!

$1 Oyster Sundays

We're known for our selection of fresh seafood, hand-crafted cocktails, and a killer happy hour in a luxurious yet welcoming atmosphere. But what makes Sundays with us even better? The $1 oysters!

Fresh East Coast Oysters at Rockefeller

From 4 pm to 6 pm, you can enjoy the freshest East Coast oysters for only $1. Whether with friends or going on a solo adventure, it's the perfect time to indulge.

Come for The Oysters, Stay for The Hand-Crafted Cocktails

What makes Rockefeller even more enticing is our creative hand-crafted cocktails. Our mixologists have created a unique range of cocktails designed to complement our oysters and seafood flavors.

From classic drinks like Dirty Martini and Old Fashioned to our exciting signature cocktails like Morning Cartoons and the Cookie Monster, we have everything to suit your palate. With meticulously crafted drinks made with fresh ingredients, you'll want to savor every sip.

Did Someone Say 'Happy Hour?'

In addition to our $1 oyster deal on Sundays, Rockefeller offers Happy Hour specials from 4 to 6 pm and all day on Mondays. Enjoy discounted beers, wines, cocktails, and a bar menu featuring everything from housemade chips and guacamole to fried calamari and oysters on the half-shell.

Rockefeller Happy Hour

Come indulge in fresh seafood and drinks, and see what makes our menu stand out!

A Carefully Curated Menu

Not just limited to fresh oysters and cocktails, Rockefeller has a carefully curated menu of other seafood delights. A popular favorite is our Lobster Roll, served in a fresh New England roll and housemade french fries.

They also have a variety of savory small plates like grilled octopus, Kobe meatballs, and shrimp scampi. So, if you're not in the mood for oysters, we have plenty of other delectable options.

Elevated Dining for Everyone

Rockefeller is much more than just a trendy spot for fresh seafood. Our stunning decor and elegant ambiance make us the perfect place for a romantic date, an exciting night out with friends, or a solo dining experience.

Rockefeller Scottsdale Interior

Our restaurant features cozy oyster bar seating, perfect for indulging in oysters and cocktails while chatting with neighbors. If you prefer a more formal dining experience, lovely tables are available in the dining area.

Whatever your dining style, you'll find it at Rockefeller Scottdale.


Our oyster bar is a go-to destination for culinary indulgence in Scottsdale. If you're searching for a place to treat yourself to the finest oysters, cocktails, and elevated dining that's as inviting as it is luxurious, then Rockefeller Scottsdale is the perfect spot. Join us for our weekly $1 oyster Sundays!

Join us for Happy Hour:

Monday: ALL Day

Tuesday - Sunday: 4PM – 6PM


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